Hugo Special

Hugo Special

Cocktail (Classic)

6 slice slice

3 slice slice

1 Jigger 1.5oz, 45ml, 4,5cl

>42% VOL. Gin (from French genévrier: juniper) is a mostly colorless spirit with juniper (juniper schnapps) and the main ingredient of many cocktails, such as the Martini, the Negroni and the long drink Gin Tonic.

0.5 Jigger 1.5oz, 45ml, 4,5cl
Italian Vermouth

In general, true Italian vermouth is considered sweeter and more sweet, while French is considered drier.


Hugo Special
Wine glass | A wine glass that works for both white and red wine. Or as a replacement for a stem glass.


Place slices of orange and pineapple in a mixing glass and muddle well, add cracked ice, Gin Vermouth, shake well, strain and serve in a stem glass.

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