Gin Gin Sparkle

Gin Gin Sparkle

Cocktail (modern)

2 Pony 1oz., 30ml, 3cl
El Bart Dry Aviation Gin

The Original Gin

2 Pony 1oz., 30ml, 3cl
Green Ginger Wine

2 Pony 1oz., 30ml, 3cl
Juice of an fresh juiced Orange

1 slice slice
dried Grapefruit

3 pc. pc.
Ice cubes

Gin Gin Sparkle
Copper mug | Real copper mug made of solid copper, an alloy or stainless steel. Only with copper do some spirits react and thus give the special taste experience. E.g. for drinks with ginger beer or ginger wine and many others.

Das Gästeglas mit Eiswürfeln füllen, alle Zutaten hinzufügen, umrühren, dek
Garnish with the Grapefruit. (This Cocktail was invented by Dietmar Hoelscher the chef barkeeper at H-BAR in 2022)

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