Sour Kisses

Sour Kisses

Cocktail (Classic)

1 Jigger 1.5oz, 45ml, 4,5cl
French Vermouth

The French vermouth variety is traditionally somewhat more tart and less sweet than the typical Italian varieties.

2 Jigger 1.5oz, 45ml, 4,5cl

>42% VOL. Gin (from French genévrier: juniper) is a mostly colorless spirit with juniper (juniper schnapps) and the main ingredient of many cocktails, such as the Martini, the Negroni and the long drink Gin Tonic.

1 pc. pc.
White of an Egg

1 Dash 1/32 oz., Dash, Spritzer
Orange Flower Water

Sour Kisses
Wine glass | A wine glass that works for both white and red wine. Or as a replacement for a stem glass.

Shake well in a mixing Glass with cracked ice, strain and serve.

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