Gin Smash

Gin Smash


0.5 pc. pc.
Domino Sugar

5 Spring only jung fresh spring
mint spring

1 drink 1/2 Whiskey glass, 3oz. , 90 ml, 9cl, 2 Jigger

>42% VOL. Gin (from French genévrier: juniper) is a mostly colorless spirit with juniper (juniper schnapps) and the main ingredient of many cocktails, such as the Martini, the Negroni and the long drink Gin Tonic.


Gin Smash
Whiskey Glass | Also as an alternative for Bar Glass, Tumbler, Rocks Glass or Old Fashioned. The base of the others is slightly different for historical reasons. But there is no difference in taste or content.

Dissolve 0.5 piece Domino Sugar in al little carbonated water, add four springs of fresh Mint and muddle slightly. Place a cube of ice in the glass, add one drink of Gin and serve with a spring of Mint on top.

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