Gin Punch

Gin Punch


1 pc. pc.
Domino Sugar

1 pc. pc.
Lemon peel

0.5 pc. pc.
Lemon Juice

The sour taste of lemon juice is due in particular to the citric acid it contains, but also to ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

1 Jigger 1.5oz, 45ml, 4,5cl
Dry Gin

2 Dash 1/32 oz., Dash, Spritzer
Maraschino Liqueur

A clear, intensely aromatic liqueur made from sour cherries. The fruit of the Maraska cherry is smaller and more tart compared to many other cherry varieties.

1 bottle bottle
Club Soda

Carbonated Water

Gin Punch
Longdrink Glas | Also as a replacement for Fizz or Collins glasses.

Add some cracked ice, fill up with carbonated water and serve with a long spoon in glass.

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