Grand Royal Fizz

Grand Royal Fizz


0.5 pc. pc.
Lime Juice

0.5 pc. pc.
Lemon Juice

The sour taste of lemon juice is due in particular to the citric acid it contains, but also to ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

3 teaspoonful teaspoonful
powdered Sugar

1 drink 1/2 Whiskey glass, 3oz. , 90 ml, 9cl, 2 Jigger
Dry Gin

1 bottle bottle
Club Soda

Carbonated Water

1 Dash 1/32 oz., Dash, Spritzer
Maraschino Liqueur

A clear, intensely aromatic liqueur made from sour cherries. The fruit of the Maraska cherry is smaller and more tart compared to many other cherry varieties.

3 Dash 1/32 oz., Dash, Spritzer
Juice of an fresh juiced Orange

0.5 Pony 1oz., 30ml, 3cl
sweet cream

>30% fat

Grand Royal Fizz
Longdrink Glas | Also as a replacement for Fizz or Collins glasses.

Shake well in a mixing Glass with cracked ice, strain and serve.
Fill up with carbonated water.

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